American Roulette

One of the most popular of the casino games, American Roulette is a central fixture in any of the casinos. Stylish, attractive it is a classic game with the big payouts that it offers. A fun game to play that has many ways to beat the house. Make your day with a spin on the American Roulette.

Playing American Roulette

Playing the online version is similar to the land casino version. The exception being, you don’t get served by waiters. Realistic with exceptionally designed layout, it features jazzy background score that sets you in the mood. There is even a female voice announcing your wins and bets.

American Roulette has an extra betting option of ‘00’ making a total of 38 numbers on which the bet can be placed, یعنی. the numbers 0, 00 and from 1 کرنے 36.

Try your luck as the croupier throws the ball in the opposite direction to the spinning roulette wheel. Alternating black and red slots with numbers from 1 کرنے 36, 0, اور 00 determines where the ball lands on it.

If the bets placed on the table matches the landing slot then you win the game. So you see it is a simple game of chance and luck. You can win by placing bets on any of the following options on the table:

اندر شرط ایک نمبر یا چھ ممکنہ کے مجموعے میں سے کسی کے طور پر ذیل پر کی گئی ہیں

• Straight Bet -Bet on one number, 35:1 payout
• Split Bet- ملحقہ نمبروں پر شرط لگا سکتا ہوں, 17:1 payout
• Street Bet – پر شرط لگاتا ہوں 3 ایک قطار میں تعداد, 11:1 payout
• Corner Bet – Bet on a block of 4 نمبرز, 8:1 payout
• Five Number Bet – Bet on 5 نمبرز (0, 00, 1, 2, 3), 6:1 payout
• Line Bet – پر شرط لگاتا ہوں 6 کی تعداد 2 ملحقہ قطاروں, 5:1 payout

گرڈ باہر بلاکس میں سے کسی پر آپ کے پیسے رکھ جب باہر شرط بنا رہے ہیں.

• Column Bet – Bet on 1 کے 3 کالم, 2:1 payout
• Dozen Bet – Bet on 12 اعلی کی تعداد, کم یا درمیانی مسدود کریں, 2:1 payout
• Even Money Bet – Bet on 18 نمبرز (یہاں تک کہ, طاق, سیاہ یا سرخ), 1:1 payout

The clean and crisp layout makes American Roulette from Microgaming an authentic game to play on. Having a betting range from 0.01 کرنے 10.0 and the wide possibilities of placing the bets, it is an excellent playing option for all the players.