Roller Derby

The total blast from the past theme of Roller Derby takes this slot where it should belongin the past. Compared to the new and exciting slots, this looks and feels outdated. A contact sport popular back in the days, now this is just a fading interest.

Roller Derby symbols

Put on your roller skates girls, for you are going to smash the other team in Roller Derby for the top spot with 1,000 سککوں جیک پاٹ. 3 wild and bad ass Derby girls are ready to push your team to victory under the referee’s eye. The standard card symbols are the other symbols of this slot.

کھیل کی خصوصیات
Roller Derby is a 5 ریل 25 payline سلاٹ کھیل. Average game play with no extra features, this has a wide betting range making it hit among the low wagers.

wilds کے: The Purple roller skates are the wild that replaces the other symbols to pay for a winning payline. The prize of 1,000 coins is won when 5 of the wilds wind up on the reels.

scatters کے: Pick up the scattered Roller Derby game logo to win scatter wins for any position. They are multiplied by the total wager.

The bonus Let’s Talk Derby round is triggered by landing 3 or more of the scatters on the reels. جیت 5 free spins with a chance to re-trigger this round. Watch all the derby girls on the screen turn wild during each free spin. Additional 5 free spins are awarded when 3 or more of the scatters are seen on the reels.

مجھے / سپن فی میکس شرط (£ / $ / €): 0.01 - 1.0

jackpots کے (£ / $ / €): 1,000 سکے (بیس کھیل)

خیالات اختتامی

Comic style graphics, smooth animations and a sound track reminding of the actual derby ring, makes Roller Derby a one time slot game. Make your team the best by winning the game jackpot.