Get set and go to unearth some lost treasures in the pyramids of Egypt. Hidden is again one of those treasure hunting best bonus slots that come with excellent features and a lot of prize money. It has been created by ELK Studios and strives to provide a fantastic gaming experience to the users.

You get into the shoes of Professor Taylor and Benjamin and delve into the inner secrets of the Egyptian pyramids in this slot game. Your ultimate aim is to get the treasure in the form of the golden stop stones. In this slot, you get to bag bonus feature at each level and add to your rewards.


Symbols used in the best bonus slots are all Egyptian

Hidden is a slot made up of 5 reels and it also provides you with 178 贏的方法. This is one aspect that makes it so popular among players. The Return to Player percentage is also high due to the excellent bonus features.

The symbols that have a low value consist of different alphabets like A, k, 問吓, and J. There also 10 playing cards along with these. The higher value symbols are all associated with ancient Egyptian traditions like camels and Sphinxes. The magnifying glass is the wild symbol in the slot. This symbol is the substitute for all the other symbols except for the scatter. The luck factor comes in if you are able to bag the wild and the scatter symbols. This way you can trigger the bonus features and increase your rewards.

Look out for respin and free spin bonuses

As always with the best bonus slots, you can play this with an amount as little as 20p for a spin. In this slot, 閃回獎金 respins 可以隨機觸發, 你有機會包粘的野生捲軸同 3 自由旋轉. 如果你能得到 3 或更多嘅散啲符號喺任何級別上, 你會得到寶藏室獎金功能. 此功能使你能夠獲得 5 再旋轉並且一個擴展的標誌.


以最大嘅支付周圍 2150 投注金額的次數, 呢個插槽係真正嘅嘢, 定義咩係所謂嘅最佳獎金插槽. Whether you are new to playing online casino or an experienced player, this slot will surely make you feel good and also provide good money. So rush and derive maximum pleasure out of this best bonus slots today!