3D European Roulette

Want to try a new best roulette bonus game? Then why not the 3D European Roulette developed by the well-known company called Iron Dog Studio? In the recent past, many developers have tried to develop some amazing best roulette bonus games, but none of them has received a wider recognition as this game has gained among the casino players. The developing company has a well-established headquarters in Hove, and England and operates under 1×2 Network.

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Best Roulette Bonus Stats And Records

In the left view of this best roulette bonus game screen, there is a historical table which shows the past outcomes of the players. Moreover, if the players want to view an overlay of hot and cold numbers, then they must click on the statistics icon located on the top of the screen.

Noteworthy Features

This game has an amazing combination of alluring graphics, fascinating animation and electrifying soundtrack which has done a proper justice to the theme of this roulette.Moreover, beginners can also gain some experience by utilising the demo mode before they start getting engulfed in it. The best roulette bonus has a very big scenario of wheels, which makes it quite easy for the players to capture the image of the moving ball. Moreover, after each spin on the roulette, a mesmerising voice announces the outcome which looks pretty cool during the gameplay.

3D European Roulette Betting Options

While playing this best roulette bonus game, the players can alter their bets which vary from £5.00 to £1000.00. The players can squeeze a maximum amount of £1750 out of this slot.

How To Play?

The 3D European Roulette can be easily played by its players from across all mobiles PCs and tablets. The only aim of the players is to make a correct prediction, that is where the spinning ball will land on the Roulette table. The players should select one chamber from a group of 37 chambers, and if their luck works, then they will get awarded with some huge prizes. However, the total outcomes of the players will be dependant on the area covered i.e. greater the area lesser the payouts and vice-versa.

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The slot players, by making the use of setting option, can control the speed of the gameplay or even activate and deactivate the music play. The players can also alter the spins number that produces the hot and cold numbers.