Live Automatic Roulette

Roulette does not need any introduction. Roulette has been ruling the world of casinos like a king ever since the inception of casinos. All the casino players would agree that UK Roulette Live Bonus is the best casino game ever and will always be the best.

Live Automatic Roulette is an advancement of the traditional Roulette. As the name says, this game is the automated online version of the traditional roulette. The best part is that you can play this online Roulette live with other players. This makes the gaming experience worthwhile and not even for a second would you feel that you are playing the online version of this Play Live Dealer Roulette

About the Developer of Live Automatic Roulette

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The slot is developed by NetEnt. Just like the casino game, the developer of this casino game does not need any introduction. Founded in the year 1996, it is one of the leading casino game developers with many feathers in its hat. Since past 20 years, NetEnt has been serving the online casino industry by developing the best casino games.

About the Game

The first thing to mention here is that this Roulette is just like the traditional land-based roulette. The only difference here is that you will get to play this UK Roulette Live Bonus casino game on the mobile phone screen and this, in itself, is an amazing experience.

You will get a wheel that is automated, a pay table and you can also chat with the players playing the UK Roulette Live Bonus game with you. The pay table will decide the payouts. The roulette will have 37 compartments. The slots will be numbered from 0 to 36.

Just like the traditional Roulette, the player needs to place a bet and if the ball falls at the right place, he wins on this UK Roulette Live Bonus. The chip values are 1,5,25,100 and 1000.

To play Live Automatic Roulette, the player would need to pick the chip value and place the bet by selecting a number or betting range in the table. The player can place an inside (straight bet, split bet, three line bet, corner bet, or six line bet) or an outside bet (even/odd, colour, 1-18/19-36 or column).

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Live Automatic Roulette is one of the most amazing online casino UK Roulette Live Bonus games. It is fun to play and offers the best rewards. This online game is a must play for all the casino lovers.