Live Blackjack 2

Live Blackjack 2

We regard Blackjack as one of the classical games of the casino gaming world. Before the advent of the internet and best UK slots sites, Blackjack was very popular in land-based casinos. The coming of the internet has made this game more accessible to anyone anywhere in the globe.

The prevalence of internet gaming has paradoxically created a nostalgia for land-based gaming. For most people, going to a land-based casino is almost impossible.

The worries about traveling, accommodation and so on scares them off. Fortunately, NetEnt has been able to bring land-based gaming right into the homes of gamers through Live Blackjack 2.

About the Developer of Live Blackjack 2

NetEnt has been with us for quite some time. It has been around for as far back as 1996. This developer has three divisions: NetEnt online casino, NetEnt Touch and NetEnt live casino.

NetEnt online casino is concerned with the development of the usual online games that involves a player and his computer screen.

NetEnt Touch is tailored to the development of games that can be accessed on mobile devices. NetEnt Live casinos have developed games to bring the land-based gaming experience to the online casino gaming world. Live Casino Blackjack 2 easily falls into this category.

About the Game of Live Blackjack Online 

Live Blackjack 2 is a game from NetEnt that effectively conveys the land-based gaming experience to the internet. With this game, players can chat with other players and they can see the croupiers doing their thing live.

This gives you the opportunity to select the croupier that you feel would be most compatible with your luck.

One unique feature in this slot is the fact that you can place bets on other players. When you place a bet on other players, you would not necessarily still be playing at the table.

By placing a bet on the other player, your win or loss would be decided by how well the player makes his decision on the blackjack table.

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This adds a broader range of excitement to the gameplay. It also takes away the pressure of decision making off your shoulders. Although, the tension is considerably heightened.

Regardless, this is a fine way to get more fun and possibly more cash from the gameplay.


In all ramifications, the developers of this game do a good job in transporting the gaming experience from Vegas to your computer screen.