Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is a very interesting game with its own fair share of awesome features that are sure to blow your mind any day. This game has been in the consciousness of gamers for generations and seems to be waxing stronger. The excitement of the game of Live Roulette UK Online is made better by the innovation inherent in this game. Read on to discover the awesome features that NetEnt has packed full into this game.

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About the Developer of Live Dealer Roulette

NetEnt is a slots developer that has proudly made its mark in the world of online casino gaming. This developer has been on the scene since 1996 and has always provided the gaming world with a lot of awesome games. One of them includes Live Dealer Roulette UK Online. The games provided by this casino can be classified into three broad categories: NetEnt Live, NetEnt Touch and the NetEnt entertainment casino.  

About the Game

Live Dealer Roulette is an example of games that are categorised under NetEnt live. These are games that simulate real life land-based casino games. When it comes to simulating a real life land-based casino, NetEnt does a good job with Live Dealer Roulette.

In this Live Roulette UK Online game, you have a chat feature that lets you chat with other players spinning the reels with you. In addition to this, reels that are spun in this game are real physical reels with a real physical croupier doing the spinning. So, there is no random number generator that does the job of selecting the number that you would be selected by the roulette wheels.

Another awesome feature of this game is the fact that it displays hot and cold numbers. The hot numbers are those numbers that come up more often than others. Although Live Roulette UK Online is a game of luck, some numbers still get selected than others. The cold numbers are those that are hardly selected by the wheels. So, this feature would be ideal if you don’t want to feel like you are taking a shot in the dark.

Another awesome feature in the Live Roulette UK Online game is the ability for you to select the croupier of your choice before you play. If you don’t like the face of a croupier, you can always go for the one that has a lucky face. Check out – for all the latest in our best roulette!


Live Dealer Roulette  is a very awesome game that does the best job of simulating fun as it in a land-based casino. If you want to play in Vegas right from the comfort of your home, this is the  ideal place for you.  

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