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In the game of Club Roulette, you need to spin a ball on a wheel which has 37 slots. The ball stops in any one of the slots after the stopping of the wheel. The major aim of the table game is to properly guess in which slot the ball will stop. By doing this, a payoff is earned on your stake. The payoff size varies on the type of stake placed. This is one of the world’s finest live dealer table games. LIVE GAMES MENU key must be selected to change the roulette table or select some different live game. The Live Dealer Button allows you to play many other games during the gameplay.

About the Developer of Club Roulette

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This game is powered by NetEnt. NetEnt has always provided an enhanced user interface to its players since 1996. The huge success of the company is because the games developed by it are really special and moreover all the games are accessible anywhere and anytime – mobile, retail or desktop – which permits you to experience the presence of a multi-channel industry.

About the Club Roulette Game

You must be already well acquainted with the popularity of the table games in both the land based and online casino industries. When you opt to play Club Roulette, you will have a real life experience of a land based casino.

Select the proper stake on a given spin by choosing the proper betting fields in the game table. The ‘Club Roulette inside bets or outside bets window shows the total bet. You can repeat the stakes placed in the previous game by clicking on the repeat button. If you choose the repeat button for the previous round’s bet, then the bet would be doubled. You can place many kinds of bets on the roulette table. Every type of bet covers a unique range of slot numbers and a specific payoff is obtained by each type of stake. The roulette table contains columns and rows out of which columns are those 12 numbered longer lines whereas the rows are the 3 numbered short lines. The inside bets in this table game are the 1st five kinds of stakes. You can place inside bets on the numbered slots. The outside bets are the last 3 types of bets and you can place these on unique boxes present below.

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Club Roulette is considered as the ideal live dealer Roulette game featured by NetEnt. The perfect high-quality graphics and amazing user interface appeal the audience.