Classic Blackjack | Mobile Casino and Online Style!

The Classic Online or Mobile Blackjack has many variations with the European gameplay being more popular. Here the review is based on the same as part of the gold series. Almost a standard in all of Microgaming games, the gold series feature improved sound, graphics and animations. You can expect the same quality in their mobile casino versions also.

For starters, the mobile version of Classic Blackjack follows the same rules of the casino styled game. The differentiating factor is that it’s played with 5 standard decks of 52 cards instead of 2 decks. Both the Classic and European versions have Multi-hand play options. More decks for playing means a better house edge.

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Being playable on any mobile casino devices, the Classic Blackjack has made the smooth transition retaining the exquisite and detailed workmanship. Experience the real casino effect without any of the hassles associated with it while being mobile. Quick and fast-paced, the player is presented with realistic graphics, audio and video effects.

Make a wager starting from 1 credit to up to 200. Once a bet is made and the cards are dealt, you can Hit, make a Stand, Split or Double depending on the hand dealt. The usual blackjack and insurance payout of 3:2 and 2:1 respectively is offered. Having highly customisable features use different strategies and bets to beat the house.

Play strip Blackjack live for the real action and excitement. Catch all the fun and wins right here on your mobile devices and smartphones.

Game Features

•   Blackjack Payout:3:2
•  Insurance: pays 2:1
•  Number of decks: 5, 52 cards each
•  Hole Card: No
•  Multi-Hand: No
•  Credit Chip bet range – 1 to 200
•  Dealer Stands on all 17: Yes
•  Surrender: No
•  Double Down: Only on a hard value of 9, 10, 11
•  Split: Yes
•  Re-split: No
•  Split Aces: Yes
•  Autoplay: Yes