Sizzling Hot Roulette Real Money Online Casino Game



Sizzling Hot Roulette

Roulette is one of those games that rule the casinos and it is a leader among all the games there. You can often see that roulette tables are the most crowded areas in casinos. That is not just the case with land based casinos, but online slots UK casinos as well. The popularity of this rather spicy roulette casino game has made several other online roulette, UK casino, and slots games variants possible. 

Sizzling Hot Roulette European Wheel

Sizzling Hot Roulette is one such European Wheel variant that offers a unique real money gaming experience. It has a live dealer feature that offers a realistic gameplay with an interactive chat option.

Another additional feature in this game is its side bet slot game ‘Sizzling Hot’, a single reel game to help you win more. The betting limit is set between £1 and £1000 per position. So the game is ideal for all types of budget players, including inside bets strategies. Check our site for roulette from Evolution Gaming also.

About the developer of Sizzling Hot

The developer of this wonderful live type version roulette game is NetEnt. They have created several world class online casino games with unique themes and variants from a different category of games. Most of their games are playable on mobiles and tablet devices too.

About the game

The rules of Sizzling Hot Roulette is similar to that of any other European roulette variant. You can place your betting chips on either one single number including zero, or any number of positions on the table. This online roulette UK game is pretty hot sauce so requires luck, but most importantly your instincts while placing bets. 

Lucky Numbers

Most people when playing a roulette game go by their lucky number, or a hot number that is favorite to them. Numbers like birth dates, anniversary dates or any other dates of importance are commonly chosen ones. 

Win up to 35 to 1

Though the straight up bet on a single number pays the most with 35 to 1, the probability of winning here is low. To help you better your chances, the game offers various other pre-defined betting positions. At Slots Sites you can also play live casino roulette wheel, European roulette, just as in Las Vegas.

Our Software Houses

We have offerings from software houses such as Evolution Gaming, offering various roulette wheel bonus game incentives.

Our Online Casino offers American online roulette wheel games with the usual inside bets, and our french roulette features related products such as a European style wheel on the roulette table. 

Welcome Bonus

If you opt for our welcome bonus you can effectively acquire free spins enabling each roulette chip to be multiplied. Our Roulette wheel is verified for each roulette player and has odds that are fair and clear. You can click on the roulette game menu in order to check minimum bet and maximum bet for our roulette wheel. 

Inside Bets:

As with extreme live gaming, you can place your bets on two numbers using split betting. This requires you to choose a line between two numbers upon which you must place your chip. The numbers on either side become your winning numbers. The payout here would be 17 to 1. Similarly, you can place your chips on street, corner, line, column and dozen.

Single Reel Slot:

There is a side single reel slot game in Sizzling Hot Roulette where you can bet using its chill type symbols. The top paying symbol is watermelon, not to be confused with the Doritos roulette chili symbols, with 80x your bet amount. The symbols are indicated on the type thats similar to a European roulette wheel, and you can wager with its corresponding number. 

Dirty Roulette Screenshots

You can also take images of your game progress with as with dirty roulette screenshots. This is similar to playing casino roulette in a live casino in Las Vegas, but better than that, you can play from anywhere at anytime. If you love playing internet roulette then look no further. You can get involved in this with small roulette bets or perhaps play a martingale type strategy with different roulette numbers.

Our Online Roulette Game Summary

With a side reel game and interactive live dealer assistance, Sizzling Hot Roulette is the variant you must not miss. The high quality live video streaming and the professional setup atmosphere makes you feel you are in a real casino.

With Hot Roulette you can relax at home eating Chill, Pizza or munch on cookies as you play real money roulette outside bet option. This game is actually so hot it makes Carolina Reaper look cool! 

Play Online Roulette with Super Hot Chips

Again check the rules for probability, and options such as La Partage, en prison in order to help you create a hot chips betting system. With customer service always ready to support you the bias of the game will remain steady. Any additional ingredient is of your choosing when playing American roulette type games.

In summing up, if you wish to play online roulette with super hot chips, then this game is a fantastic place to get started. With our trusted and fully licensed casino offering guaranteeing fair and fast pay-outs, if you hit a big win you can be sure to cash out with peace of mind. 

Try your Luck

We’ve hundreds of great casino table games to keep you entertained so theres no need to worry about running out of things to do. Hot Roulette is all about odds and luck so play and see what you can win. Roulette is a relaxing pastime which has now been popular for a few centuries, so you won’t be the first or last customer to place your chips on the table and spin the wheel. Make a note of your hot and cold numbers as you play roulette if that is the system that you like using. Otherwise simply try your luck anywhere on the wheel each time.